Here’s A Pretty Cool Breathing Exercise!

One of my faves is the very, very slow sigh. It uses deep breathing which help us keep centered/balanced. There are myriad benefits of deep breathing.  If you want to be a great singer, you must know how to use deep breaths to support your voice.  So forget yoga for now, try singing with deep breaths!

First thing – Breathe in deeply all the way down to your pelvis. Your upper chest and shoulders should not raise but your belly should become bigger.  The diaphragm causes your belly, ribcage, sides and back to expand.  At first you may only feel subtle movements but you will get more and more used to it with a bit of practice.

– Breathe out in a slow, controlled but not in a forced or squeezed manner.

– Repeat and this time say ‘ee’ on a note. N. B. Your vocal cords must be in a neutral state.  Your voice should not wobble or sound squeezed. Use a super easy note for you to sing. Not too high, not too low.

– Ensure that the volume of your voice is even throughout while feeling no tension

– Try the fire engine sound while sighing out slowly – from low to high then back down to low again. Your voice must sound balanced. Free yet no wobbles. It’s very important to find your center, where your voice is free, doesn’t shake, break, etc.  You must remember the feeling of effortlessness when doing this.

– Relax, relax, relax!  Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed. Avoid restricting/squeezing your stomach muscles. When you breathe in, your tummy and surrounding area naturally tend to expand (e.g. when you sigh or yawn). Avoid changing your body’s natural movement when singing.

A great singer is able to regulate the breath so that it is even, connected and balanced from the start to the end of every phrase.