Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration

I really like this quote.  When I was told by my old singing teacher that “it would take at least a year to correct bad singing habits”, half of me was in denial and the other half couldn’t believe that I needed to keep doing over a year of scales!  I nearly stopped going to my lessons because I thought that I knew my voice better than my teacher.  Of course I was wrong! Lucky, there was a bit of sense in me left and I didn’t give up the lessons.  I put my faith in my teacher’s in-depth knowledge of the voice.  Only then did I improve in leaps and bounds.  I feel that, to this day, I am still improving.

If you want to improve your singing, be prepared to practice everyday. Half an hour of daily practice is the healthier option than practicing for 2 long hours every 4 days.  Record your progress and acknowledge your strong and weak points. The 99% perspiration will help you reach your goals sooner than later!