If You Can Speak, You Can Sing!

    My singing philosophy? NATURAL SINGING.  Work with what you were born with. We have been perfectly evolved to create different sounds as a means to express our different emotions.  When we sing, we quite simply just bring these different sounds together.

    Even after having said this, a problem arises when we try to IMITATE other singers. We try to activate unwanted throat muscles and stretch the chest voice all the way up (very bad!).  All of these bad habits may be corrected with the guidance of an experienced and patient singing teacher.

    To oversimplify the act of singing – it is meant to feel nice and fluid.  Your breathing supports the sound that you’re making, your voice box is not squeezed and your posture and body doesn’t feel tight.  Stay in tuned with your body and stop when you sense that something is not quite right.  Remember, do not over-practice.  Half an hour of intense practice at a time should be enough, then start again in 4+ hours if you want to practice again.